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Lawn Lime

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4.8 (17 reviews)
Lawn feed

Lawn Lime


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4.8 (17 reviews)

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  • Promotes nutrient absorption
  • Invisible after application due to fine grain and sand colour
  • Rapidly absorbed into the soil, enriching the soil composition
  • Easily scattered grain
  • High concentration product, so less g/m2 compared to competing products
  • Can be applied at any time of year 
  • Not harmful to children or pets after application
  • Easy resealable packaging for maximum shelf life
  • Used on over 100,000 lawns
  • Easy user manual
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back


Help your tired lawn absorb more nutrients with MOOWY's Lawn Lime.


Lime lowers your soil’s acidity level, making it easier for your grass to absorb the nutrients from the earth while increasing the efficacy of other lawn fertiliser products you use throughout the year.

Made from premium English limestone, Lawn Lime is an indispensable component in the fight against moss. Moss loves soil with a high acidity level, so applying Lawn Lime neutralises the natural acidity of your garden earth.

The optimum pH value of your soil is between 5.5 and 6.5. However, acidity naturally increases throughout the year from organic digestion. Applying Lawn Lime once or twice a year will help keep acid-loving moss at bay. 

NB - Although Lawn Lime helps increase the activation and absorption of fertilisers, it’s not a good idea to apply them simultaneously. Lime attaches itself to nitrogen, decreasing its efficacy, so liming should be done at least three weeks before or three weeks after fertilising. 

The fine grain settles deep into the lawn to prevent the lawnmower from sucking it up.

  • Crucial in the fight against moss
  • This granular product is best spread with a spreader or hand spreader
  • Use once or twice a year for maximum impact
  • Best used on a dry and short-mown lawn to help improve soil contact
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Composition Quantity Description
Calcium oxide (CaO) 100% Lowers the acidity level of the soil, allowing grass to grow better than moss. The grass can also absorb nutrients more easily at higher Ph values. Ideal Ph between 5.5 & 6.5

Period of use

Good to use
Not recommended to use

* Do not use simultaneously with other fertiliser, use either 3 weeks before or after fertilising
* Compatible with Iron+ 2-in-1

User manual

  1. Use Lawn Lime three weeks before or after fertilisation.
  2. Clear away any leaves and debris, then mow the lawn no shorter than 5 cm.
  3. Divide Lawn Lime  into two equal parts and spread evenly over the lawn (taking one part lengthways and the other widthways).
  4. Lightly water the lawn to accelerate absorption.
  5. The lawn can be walked on straight after use.

Product details

Soil type For all types of grass and soil
Sowing rate 25g/m²
Period of use All year round
Type Fine-grained
Odour None
Safety Not harmful to children and pets after application
Packaging type Pouch
Resealable Yes
Manufacturer MOOWY
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